12 Cute Ideas For Valentine’s Day

  1. Paint your nails pink with the red striped angle and put a heart on it
  2. Make a card that has a small package of gummy bears and says: I love you “Beary” Much!
  3. Make a home made card randomly say pink after somebody says anything
  4. Havea pink plastic cup and fill it with chocolate hearts.
  5. Have a heart box that is filled with chocolates that says: “You make my heart melt”
  6. Wear only pink red and purple clothing
  7. Wear love pink by Victoria Secret Clothing
  8. Get a heart locket that has a picture of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend
  9. Temporarily spray your hair pink
  10. Put pink food coloring in your eggs
  11. Wear pink eye shadow
  12. Give someone a “heart attack” – Tape paper hearts all over their door and leave them a treat (i.e. hear shaped cookies)